NYE 2009

Wow, it's been almost over a week since I last posted! This week has gone by in such a blur. John's working a lot, I'm learning to ski so we've both been keeping busy. Last night was New Year's Eve and I had an insanely good time! My friends from the hotel, Marta and Jordan, came over around 6ish and we went together to buy dinner and booze.. Had a great dinner together and came up with our 2010 New Year's Resolutions. I haven't made resolutions since I was living at home but Jordan was quite insistive so Marta and I both joined in and came up with our own lists. I'm quite proud of mine. There were a few things I needed to work on in myself anyway so maybe this will be the push I need to do it! After dinner we went to down to meet some friends at another apartment and then took the bubble lift down the mountain together to Belle Cotte where Party on the Piste was being held.. Supposedly there was expected to be around 7,000 people there! We were pretty early, three hours early to be exact, and after about 30 minutes Jordan and I started to freeze.. Maybe it was because we weren't wearing warm enough clothes, but come on it was New Year's Eve! We wanted to look cute :)

John was coming after work, and at first I was afraid he wasn't going to make it in time but he actually got there at 10.30pm so I was stoked! I had a fantastic time! We met up with lots of John's co-workers, danced to live music and took occasional trips to the nearest bar to warm up. I think we partied out there on the ice until about 1.30am and then had to queue up for the bubble lift home. And there were about 100 people lined up!! Jordan got us to the front pretty quickly.. for the little thing that she is..

all of us in the bubble lift

dancing to the YMCA

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