Five minutes of Ski time

before I started.. note the smile ---->

yay I got my skis today! One of the girls John works with generously gave me her ski rental pass for the season, because she had brought her own snowboard with her. So, this morning I went down and borrowed my ski equipment that is mine until April! J finished work early so we decided to go down the mountain.. This is the moment where I remind you that until today I have only ever skied (skiied??) once before & it was only for a couple of hours.. Okay now flash forward to us going down the mountain.. get the picture?? (if only I had) anyway J took me to a "really easy part" (didn't look that easy to me, but then again doubt if I could tell one slope from another!) and we started down. I think in total I managed to ski 5-7 minutes before toppling over. Hit my head and smacked my arm against the ice. J was on his snowboard down a ways from me so of course the waterworks started. (Come on it did hurt & how would you feel when you've fallen over in the middle of the piste and everyone else is whizzing past AND you can't get out of the way because your skis are spread eagle) The whole thing was a dumb idea because I have been wearing a helmet when skiing, but didn't today. I just got excited to finally have skis that I got a little carried away. won't do it again until I have proper lessons! Anyway, made J help me up, took off my skiis and then I huffed and puffed back up the hill towards the house. Now, other than a sore arm and wounded pride I'm fine.. but suffice it to say that was the extent of my afternoon of skiing, yep all 5 whole minutes of it!! :P

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