"I love you.... if only customs would believe me!"

So John and I had a talk today... I mean he walked in from a massive shift at work after only sleeping four hours the night before & I started crying.. He's working his ass off and I start crying! But the truth is I am so tired of how hard immigration makes it to live as a couple together without being married. With him being British and with me being an American it makes it next to impossible to live in the same place and hold work rights. If you are part of such a partnership you know what we're going through! useless immigration representatives, stacks of paperwork that contradicts itself... the bulls#*t goes on and on! (we looked into getting a defacto visa to England and the application states not only do you have to have legitimate proof you've been living together as a couple for two years, ie photos, leases, bank account documents, but then they dare ask that you both show how much money you make a month at your job. why hello!!! if i was living with John in the same country like I am now well then how would i be working to make that monthly sum?? YOU DON'T ALLOW ME WORK RIGHTS) urgg!

In Australia it was so much easier because we both could freely work, but in England and the EU my right to work is nonexistant. (It seems Americans aren't too popular over here.. hmmm, i wonder why??) The same would apply for J if we chose to move to the States tomorrow; he wouldn't be able to work or even stay in the country more than 3 months. It's so not fair! We are seriously in love with one another and want to spend our lives together but it's not fair that the only way immigration will let us be is if we enter into a "marriage on paper". I want to get married when we have enough money to have both our families at the wedding, and enough to make it a special day for both of us.. Not a tacky ceremony at the "chapel o' love" because "it's all we can afford"..

anyway we had a serious "future talk" and it left me feeling much better about the whole thing. sorry for my ranting sometimes i wonder if the whole world is as crazy as my own personal one!! Immigration and customs do my head in!!!

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