Culinary inspiration strikes again!

So last night I went out with the girls, consumed way too much alcohol and needless to say woke up this morning feeling less than stellar.. (oh and kudos to the guys who were using a power drill at 8 AM THIS MORNING in the room next to mine! don't want to know why on earth they needed to use one at that ungodly hour! FYI = not a nice way to wake up, very hungover and fearing that a drill is coming through your wall at any moment!)

anyway this afternoon walked down to Spar to pick up something to eat as nothing I had in my cupboards would suffice. You know the next day munchies where you feel like eating anything and everything. I wish I could say I pull out the carrot sticks and hummus, but that would be a lie.. It's usually greasy and I-know-I-shouldn't-be-eating-this-but-it-tastes-so-good food I crave.. cheese toasties, jalapeno poppers (which by the way are freakin amazing!), mozzarella cheesey sticks oh and once randomly I craved a rare steak the whole day..
yeah i know I'm weird :)

so I made this great meal when I got home. I bought a tub of couscous, a carton of eggs and some spicy chorizo sausage. Dumped the couscous into the frying pan, chopped up and added the chorizo and then cracked two eggs over the whole thing and stirred it all up. Five minutes later I had the perfect hangover cure and it tasted gooood!

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Abi said...

Interesting I woke up the other morning much of the same way, to the sound of someone installing cabinets. And Jalapeno Poppers are the bomb! I can never get enough of those.
Awesome blog! :) you're on the level.

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