Belle Plagne

So I've moved again! I'm feeling like quite a gypsy these days. The reason behind the move is that after John finished training in Chamonix, the executive chef offered him the position as head chef of Esprit's flagship 4 star ski resort. A big promotion as no one in the training program has ever been offered the position! The only catch was that Belle Plagne was located three hours outside of Chamonix. The pay would be tripled and I was welcome to stay.. so after much deliberation we decided to accept the offer and move up here for the ski season. What a beautiful place it is! Unlike Chamonix, Belle Plagne is located at the top of a mountain and has a much higher altitude. The road up goes around 21 hairpin turns and some of the turns take you to the mountain's edge. Quite scary when you're driving on the ice in the dark! We have been here for five days and just moved in to my new apartment today. The town is still quiet as the ski season does not start officially until the 12th. I went out with John a couple of nights ago and took these photos of the town with a tripod. how beautiful it was with the snow glittering and the moon shining down through the clouds!

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Marcy said...

Wow! You're becoming quite the photographer! Beautiful!! Stay warm :) XXX Me

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