The people have arrived!

Okay so I'm totally feeling different about living here.. in a good way.. Since we've been in Belle Plagne it's been sort of a ghost town because when we arrived the season hadn't started.. But this week gradually more and more people have been turning up and then today, people have arrived by the busload! I guess because it's Saturday the official pilgrimage up here has begun until Christmas. I took a walk down to the grocery to buy some things this evening, and it was so nice listening to the different languages being spoken around me in the store. kinda of makes you feel like the outsider, but in a good way because even through the language barrier we are all interacting. maybe not completely fluently but it's enough to know I can get by with the limited French I've learned. It's also nice to get caught up in the "I'm on a holiday" enthusiasm that everyone in the town centre seems to have. Generally families are here only for the week so their apparent joy of being on vacation is quite contagious. Makes you want to smile and chill out too. Not that my life is stressful up here, but anyway :)
In one of my most recent posts I said that I wasn't feeling the Christmasey Spirit?!
Well the town is trying it's best so I'm happy with that :) xx

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