A beautiful spot on earth

Cornwall, UK
This is where I am living while John and I wait for a decision to be made on our visas to go back to Australia. As you can see it is a beautiful place to be! It's definitely an outdoorsy lifestyle & we've been on many hikes around the moors. On this particular day we went down to Kynance Cove and trekked down to the beach. Being that it is the beginning of November it was surprisingly sunny; however all Cornish days seem to start out sunny yet are subject to random rain showers throughout the day :)

I'm enjoying this stage.. the stage of transitions. I know that never again will I have such a stretch of time off as I do now, and funny enough I am enjoying it. John & I worked so hard at our restaurant back in Broome (60-80 hr work weeks) so in the beginning, when we moved here, it was hard to switch into having nothing pressing to do. The hardest part of this visa process is the waiting. I'm the kind of person who wants to know what's happening and how it will affect me. I am pretty relaxed about things but I do like to have plans secured. I guess that's another virtue I've learned while here... PATIENCE... :)

Plans are being made but for now we'll just have to wait and see what happens!

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Marcy said...

What a gorgeous view!! This is where you live?

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