How it all began

Well world, I have decided it is past time to start a blog after being inspired by my mother who has started one. How backwards is this? My mum has proved herself more tech savvy than her twenty-one year old daughter! :) oh well, better late than never!

My life in the past two years has been completely unorthodox, terrifying and exhilarating and I dearly want to put my experiences during this time into words. I've lived in some pretty amazing places, met wonderful people who I will always hold close to my heart, and have been lucky enough to have the love of my life supporting me on this roller coaster ride of a journey.

Not to be too cliche but all of these experiences have been the making of me. I've stepped way out of my comfort zone and doing so has changed the way I view the world. As the title of my blog states, I am dreaming big & enjoying the ride!

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