First Glimpses of Chamonix

Check out this view!! This is what John sees every morning when he looks out his window! incredible, huh? My view isn't so bad either..

So we flew into Geneva yesterday and one of the girls from Esprit was there to pick us up. It was about an hours drive over the border into France. The real ski snow won't come for a few weeks yet, but as you can see the mountain tops there's already snow up there. I'm bunking at a hostel about 10 minutes down the road from where John is staying. It's really great because I have a wonderful roomate who's Canadian and have already met a few other young people staying here too. The hostel is pretty much empty because we're in the middle of the end summer and the beginning of winter so people haven't started to arrive yet. they will soon!

Today was my first day in Chamonix and I have enjoyed spending most of the day outside walking around the town. For breakfast I went to the supermarket or Superu as they call it and bought a chocolate crossaint and then when J had his break we went into a pattiserrie and bought these amazing sweets. Mine was a raspberry custard tart and John got a chocolate eclair. soo good! I'm loving the bread and pastries here! yum!
John had training all day but had a break from 4-7 so I was able to see him then. It's going to be hard work for him but already he stands out as the best among the other chefs. The executive chef really likes him so hopefully he will get a placement in a nice resort. While he was working I went out with my new friends for a few drinks. We ended up going to this one called BardUp which had a fusball table, dart board and a pool table. I beat a Canadian guy from the hostel 3 times at fusball! I guess my days of playing against Jessica came in handy :P

I was at a loss with my computer today as it ran out of battery quite early this mornig and the charger was at John's place. But now I've got it and am ready to record my trip and day to day life. J's working again all day so won't see much of him but I think I might go look for a job. Hopefully the visa situation won't stand in my way :)


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Marcy said...

I'm so glad you got a good camera! Your pictures are great! How are you liking the cold?

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