Mer De Glace

November 25, 2009
Yesterday was John's first day off in a week, so we decided, weather permitting, we'd go up and see the glacier. Thankfully it turned out to be a beautiful day with blue skies and the sun peeping out in intervals. The temperature outside was only 1 degree but didn't feel at all that cold. We walked up to the train station and bought our tickets for the Mer De Glace. The train would be leaving an hour later so we went down to a local restaurant for a couple of drinks while we waited.

The train ride up the mountain was amazing! At times it was incredibly steep but because the train had cog wheels it was able to grip firmly and keep trekking upwards. The higher we rose the more snow we saw! The train went up about 1093 meters so the conditions were right for there to be snow. Once we got off the train we took a walk down towards the glacier. The view from the top was beautiful! Having grown up in very warm states (Texas, New Mexico, and Florida) my experiences with snow have been limited so I am relishing the novelty of having it all around me here in France! Just give me a couple of months and I'll probably be crying for the beach again :)

We spent about an hour hiking around the valley and then made our way back to the station. There was a little cafe adjoining the train stop so we bought a hot chocolate and a baguette.
That night we went out with John's workmates for a Korean bbq which was very fun because you cooked your meat yourself at the table by holding it over a fire. yummy!

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