New Year's Eve 2008 Darling Harbour

NYE in Sydney is a bit of a blur. I do know that is was John and my 1st anniversary and we went to James Squires Brewery down in the Harbour for lunch. Richie came with us so it wasn't a romantic date :) I made John wake up at 4 am to go stake out a spot in front of the Harbour Bridge but security told us it wasn't worth waiting for because they would do a sweep at noon and make everyone queue up again to go through check points. So a stakeout was not going to work. We decided instead to go to my old workplace, Hurricanes Grill, in Darling Harbour and watch the fireworks from the balcony upstairs. Andrew, my manger, and the owners were fine with a whole bunch of us coming. We ended up going to my friend Lucy's apartment for pre-drinks and jello shots and then made the walk through the harbour to Hurricanes. On the way we found a booth selling the angel light up halos you see us wearing in the photos and the boy's lightup glasses so those were promptly bought for all of us. WHAT A FUN NIGHT! I think our tab behind the bar ran up to $1000! The group of 8 of us bought bottle after bottle of Moet & Chandon champagne and Andy went behind the bar and poured us shots on the house! After the fireworks I think they closed the restaurant and we all danced in front of the bar :)

The downside of the night's celebration was that Richie, John, and I were booked to fly out of Sydney to Perth at 5 am that next morning. We were moving to Broome that next day so this was in part a goodbye celebration before we were to leave Syd. Needless to say we didn't sleep at all until the next day.

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