Hockey Time!

November 21, 2009

<------ Me, Chelsea, & Geoff

On Saturday night we went out to the hockey rink to watch Chamonix play a team from Paris. I had never been to a hockey game before and I found it to be quite exciting. The men are phenomenal ice skaters and I can only imagine how much training they had to go through in order to skate as effortlessly as they do. Paris quickly took an early lead in the first half but after we came back from a 20 minute break Chamonix kicked ass! The score went from 1-3 in Paris' favour to 7-3.
It was sort of funny because the Paris team bench was in front of where we were sitting and the coach was none to happy as his team started losing to Chamonix. We saw him standing up on the bench shouting down to his players and waving his hands in their faces :) I guess he thought this approach would inspire the fighters within..... or not!
I had to leave to meet John a few minutes before the game ended but I had an exciting time and would definitely go to see another.

<------ The Paris coach not liking the results thus far

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Marcy said...

That's funny because Jess just saw her first hockey game in Atlanta recently!

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