Divine Monkey

When I first came out to Sydney to visit John in March of 2008 this is one of the first cafes he took me to. The Divine Monkey was just near the end of Glebe Point Road and served an all day breakfast. I remember that John ordered these two dishes to share: the pancake with rhubarb & banana yoghurt and then eggs benedict. These two brekkies became my absolute favorite!

When I decided to move back to Sydney on a working visa this was my first job. I have to say I HATED IT! I did not like the laid back approach to serving; most days weren't very busy so you would find yourself with nothing to do. I also had to be there by 7am and if you know me I am NOT a morning person. Plus the owner was a real character and I didn't like working with him. He'd stand over my shoulder at the till when regulars came in for their coffees and give me a hard time if I didn't immediately recognize them and give a discount. His name was Tony.. I didn't stay more than two months and soon after went to work at Hurricanes but this was where I worked when I first arrived.

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