Packing for the Snow


These past few days have been so surreal! John registered with a temp agency two days ago to find part time work while we were staying in Cornwall. Well the guy asked how John would feel about working at a ski destination during the winter. John was like if there is a job opening it's something I would consider. The next day a woman from Esprit called and offered John a job as a head chef in a chalet in Chamonix, France for five months. All he had to do was pass an interview & the executive chef would call him the next day.. Well John did great with the first call. The guy was an Aussie so he and John got on well, BUT the next time he called he started asking questions about how to prepare certain french dishes & John got flustered. Needless to say after hanging up J thought he had absolutely bombed the interview and didn't think the guy would call him again.. It was a little funny for me because John had never been rejected before and was moping around the living room.. I finally suggested we go out shopping to get him out of the house and get his mind off his failure.. While we were shopping John's mobile rang and it was the woman saying that if he still wanted the job the chef wanted him to come out anyway!

AND THE BEST PART IS THAT I CAN COME TOO! With his package he gets free accommodation, ski rentals, and a winter ski pass! My plan is to learn French and learn how to ski! I absolutely can't wait! we leave tomorrow and have sooo much to do before then. (and here I am blogging rather than getting it all together)

We've had to go shopping for winter ski wear and thankfully today we found a shop with amazing deals. thank goodness! as the picture shows we almost have all that we need.

until chamonix xx

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